What a Pane

So here’s a photo of my next project.

When my dad came to visit last time he brought this beauty with him. It was my sister’s.  She lives in an old house. This window was part of that house. It has been sitting in her basement for at least a decade that I know of.  She always thought she’d do something with it and never did. (It has a lovely little latch and handle on the other side.) It was hung above the door, horizontally. I prefer it vertical.

So here’s the plan: strip off the paint, reseal each pane of stained glass, paint and/or stain the frame. The natural wood is very dark and aged. If I’m right that it was original to the house it’s about 150 years old. I can’t wait to see what it looks like cleaned up.

In my house we have a set of stairs from the kitchen that has a very tall wall at the landing. So my thinking is that right at the top of those stairs is the perfect place for it to hang when it’s finished. But instead of leaving its middle pane empty, I thought a nice picture would be good.

So Stage 1 of Project Pane happened this weekend. I had  little photo shoot. I need something that I can blow up to the size of the middle pane.

My photo shoots are odd. Usually outdoor pics. You’d think it’d be easy to take a lovely lakeside picture for the pane, but the right angle, the right zoom, the right light. I took about 50 pictures and decided 16 were good enough to keep. I took 6 pictures of the same walnut tree, for starters. I wanted the sunburst between the branches. I wanted enough light for the yellow/green of the walnuts to show through.

Here’s the one of the six I chose:

I decided to skip the sunburst and went for the color.

I also took several pictures (perhaps a dozen) like this one. I chose this because I like that this one is right in front and going the opposite direction of the rest.

From the perspective across the lake a tree had a gorgeous reflection on the water. Five tries for this beauty.

(it’ll need to be cropped, but I thought it was lovely).

The blackberry vine.  After much weed stomping and standing way too near the bank to  leaning for the right shot. Only two shots for it, because honestly if I’d kept trying for perfection I would have had to slip out of my shoes and get into the water for it.

I lay on the ground for this one! Two shots later…I think it might be the winner!

Now I have to choose which will look best in the window.

Jack and Skippy helped with the photo shoot. Here’s Jack’s contribution:

Here’s Skip’s. (Chasing the boy is a very important job for a little dog. He did it well. In this shot he got distracted by something at the bank, which is also a very important job for a little dog.)

I’ll be sure to post progress and final product pics.  See if we can put the photo shoot and the art project in the “Winz” column.

Here are a few of the failed pics just for fun:

First, I took about 8 shots. I was going for that taut fishing line, glistening in the sunlight with just enough water to make it sparkle a bit. Yeah. Not so much. Here’s that disaster:

I just never could get the right angle on it, and the water looks nasty. pfft.

It’s very difficult to do when your helpers are busy doing other things.  Holding a fishing pole and snapping the shot. Big fail. See here:

There were a couple shots that ended up with a vehicle or building in the frame. So not what I was aiming for.

And then there’s this. It’s the picture you take thinking it might have appeal you didn’t recognize. It seemed like a good idea at the time.  Sometimes you have to see the image later to know what you got. This though, just bad. You look at it and think, “Why did you take a picture of that log?” At least that’s what I think.

Of course, not long ago I took a picture of muddy boots that turned out so fabulous I hung it on my bathroom wall. People compliment the photo all the time. So who’s to say randomness doesn’t work sometimes. Here ’tis. (just so I can end on a good note.)


4 responses to “What a Pane

  1. I hope it turns out well. It really is an awesome window and I want to see it put to good use. I’d hate to ruin it. O.o

    I’ll definitely post pictures. Phase 2 is this weekend. Stripping the old paint (I’m good at this part) and removing the old putty and replacing it with new (and I really suck at this part. I’ve done it before with mediocre results).

    SO phase 2 pictures will be up for Monday’s blog post. 🙂

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