Waiting for a Wet-Nap and the Art of Patience

You know, a wet-nap.

After barbecued ribs at lunch one day, one of my coworkers, commented, quite satisfied with his lunch, and having just wiped his hands with one a’these, that “everything good ends in a wet-nap”. Of course the implications made for good office banter for quite a long time.

At another job, also quite a long time ago, I mentioned this little tidbit, “Everything good ends in a wet-nap.”

My boss, Dave, made a bit of a joke about it. When someone had a good work week, high productivity, made a deal, etc, they got the wet-nap until someone more deserving came along. The wet-nap passed around the office, and became an indication of a job well done.

Some of my writer friends still like to joke about this, though the meaning has been twisted once again. (Won’t go there). 🙂

So now today, October 6th, I find myself impatient. Patience has never been one of my strengths. As I await word from agents on Taking Lessons from Ernest, and in particular an agent who gave today as a likely “hear-by” date, I struggled to focus enough to come up with a blog post. That wonderful old boss of mine suggested wet-naps as my blog topic for the day.

It couldn’t be more fitting. If I get good news from those agents, I will most certainly need a wet-nap, because everything good ends in one.

I’m biting my nails and obsessively checking email. I’m trying to focus on work and I’m waiting for a wet-nap.

There is no art to patience.  You either are or you are not. There are no tricks (though I imagine it is something that can be learned, it is not a pleasant lesson).

Eye on the goal, heart pounding, leg bouncing, nail biting, and waiting for something out of my control.  You all can wait with me. Ready? ……….. wait.

I’ll let you know when I get the wet-nap. 🙂


3 responses to “Waiting for a Wet-Nap and the Art of Patience

  1. So all I took out of that was “Patience has never been one of my strengths.”… are you just figuring this out? 🙂 Best of luck T-Stu…

  2. OMG – I love that line! I’m going to start passing out wet-naps at work too! (Glad I’m not teaching 6th graders anymore – THAT would not work out too well!)

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