What a Pane – Part 2

It’s not entirely finished, but it’s getting there.

If you remember. I started with this.

This weekend I started the refinishing process. First, taking off the layers and layers (and yes, more layers) of paint.  Mauve (blech!), white, black, and old stain. It’s not a pretty process, especially around each of those small pains oops…I mean panes.

Here’s the first view of most of the paint off.

I didn’t get all of it. I had to go back.

The next step was digging out all of the old putty around each pane on the back side of the window.

That’s here:

That was Saturday afternoon. I thought I could fit in the re-caulking Saturday afternoon too.  I was wrong. I had a tiny caulking gun incident. Okay. Really, I clipped the end of the the tube, inserted the tube into the caulking gun, twisted the pressing disk up and up and up and up and I couldn’t get anything to come out. About the time I realized I hadn’t pierced inside the tube, I also realized that I had busted through the bottom side of the tube and had an oozing caulking gun. I had to get the disk back out and nearly caulked my hands to the gun. Once done, I cleaned up myself and the gun, threw away the mangled caulk tube, and decided to call it a night.

First thing on Sunday I did it the proper way.

I know it doesn’t look  neat and tidy here, but you have to wait for it to get partially dry before it cleans up easily. I waited and it cleaned up nicely.

I removed the hardware from the back of the window. I threw the hinges away but kept the latch and will put it on the front of the window because it looks really cool. 🙂

I also had a loose corner joint, so put some brackets on. Here:

Okay, back to work on the front. See all that nasty stuff I couldn’t get out of the grooves with paint stripper? see all the stuff on the glass panes.  (“urgh”)

So I went at it with a box cutter blade – digging into the corners, sanding, cursing, and a bit better here.

I sanded the back, and stained it.

And finally (after much more sanding, scraping and digging, got the first stain on the front:

The glass panes still need a good cleaning. and I’m considering, since I had some layers of black I just couldn’t get removed, to paint the edging between each pane black. So all the inside wood work would be black and the outside will be the stained wood. I need to add the latch to the front and hanging hook and wire to the back.

Nearly done, I have to decide its orientation.  I can either hang it vertically with this photo in it:

Or I can hang it horizontally. Four 8×10 pictures will fit in it’s middle pane side by side.

One more blog post on this project before it’s done!


5 responses to “What a Pane – Part 2

  1. It looks awsome, Trish ! I know it can be an awful lot of work taking off layers & layers of paint and stain, espesially in all the little “nooks & crannies” It certainly looks like it was worth all your effert !Nice job! 🙂

  2. Thanks all! It was a great project to jump into. Needed it. There’s nothing quite like committing to finishing a project that requires so much physical effort. So much of my work is “mental” – work at my job and writing – that seeing a physical thing done, and a creative one at that, well. Sometimes we have to break our backs.

    I also really like that it’s a unique thing to have on a wall… and so cheap to make! 🙂

    I can’t wait to see it hanging. 🙂

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