So the next big experiment for me is a new age bracket. It’s true, at the end of the week I’ll be 40.

I went shopping yesterday for a rather large supply of beer for a little get together next weekend. The cashier, who has to card me if I’m under 40, began the following conversation.

Clerk: “Are you 40, ma’am?”

Me: “Not yet, sir. That’s what all the beer’s for.”

Clerk: (with a smirk)  “well that’s a lot of beer, but you don’t need to show me your I.D.”

Me: “I’m not yet 40. so I DO need to show you my I.D.” *grins widely*

Clerk:  (not amused) *rolls his eyes then looks at I.D.*

He finished the transaction.

I thanked him.

Clerk: Be careful.

Me: *rolls eyes* Thanks, Junior.

When I was young, I thought people who were in their 40’s were middle aged  (much like I’m sure our good and kind smart-ass cashier thinks).

That can’t be right, can it?  I should say not. Young as you feel and all that.

But I always did imagine there were things I’d do before I hit the four-uh-oh.

How many did I manage?

Married – check

Children – check

Career –  check

Novel – uh…well I’ve written a couple; I guess that counts? *Gives a very hesistant check*

For the most part, I don’t feel like there are things I should have done that I didn’t, but there is an ever-larger list of things I want to do, and doing them seems more important than it used to.

Mostly though, I don’t expect a big life change in the new bracket. I have no fear of forty, but I have given some consideration to things I’m grateful to have, people I’m grateful to know, and dreams yet to be conquered.

Simple living feels like a mantra worth repeating more and more lately.

Clearing out clutter in my life, and not just the junk drawers in my house, seems very appropriate.

And saying thanks to those who need thanking is at the top of my  list, too.

Life’s short – live ’em if you got ’em.

Perhaps I need to make a bucket list, too.

*makes list*

– learn to golf f’real, not that hack of a game I sometimes play that requires 18 mulligans and ends with me lying on the green in hysterics.

– hike the A.T.  (I probably should have set out on this one sooner, huh?) And I’m gonna need a walking stick. Uh, Dad? Help me out!

– get a tattoo. yeah. I think I might be ready someday soon.  I’m thinking charm anklet tat – when I get my books pubbed, I can add a charm. 🙂

–  publish a damn book already! (I suppose that needs to happen before the tattoo makes sense.)

– On any day besides Halloween, dress like Magenta from Rocky Horror – WTHN (why the hell not?)

– I’ve always wanted to pub crawl in the UK. You know…for like a month. Who’s in?

– Write the “how-to” book I’ve always wanted to write: A guide for women who want to fish but don’t want a man to teach them.  *snerk*

– Poker face – Yeah. I’m terrible at keeping a straight face. I need to work on this in a big way.

– Wear pants.  (that really says it all doesn’t it? Most of you only ever see me online. You have no idea how often I actually have pants on, do you?) hhmmm???? …. right!

*practices poker face*


What’s on your list?


3 responses to “Four-uh-oh

  1. Sis,
    You are so right in so many things you said…as for the tattoo you need to get at least one soon so you can join the ranks of your tattooed white trash siblings….we really aren’t all that bad. Are we? As for turning the dreaded four-uh-oh it’s not as bad as they say. I embraced it glad to have made it…with hopes of living another forty to go with it. We need to have the dreams of one day torturing our own children when they turn forty and beyond…
    I love ya sissy and I am thrilled to know that I have a little sister that has hurdled the thirties and is ready to charge through the forties with me!
    Love ya

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