A Poetry Break and A Short Fiction Break

Atticus Books used a poem of mine on their website today. You can find it here.  A big thanks to them. I sent them several poems, and they picked one of my very favorites to share with their readers.

In other writing news, I’m going to ease up on myself with the queries for Ernest. It’s time for a little break. And I’m giving myself a break on the Yet It Will Come rewrite. I’m feeling the need for some short fiction love. Have a couple of story ideas brewing.  It’ll do the creativity some good to switch gears again. Have to do that to keep it fresh.

Also, writer friends, you really should check out JM Tohline’s blog. He’s how I first heard of Atticus Books, and he’s a very inspirational blogger.  He makes people feel good about their craft. I dig that. 🙂

Happy Thursday!



New Crafty Forum

The writing forum I belong to has many sub-topics with their own little rooms. They discuss everything from politics to tv, movies, food, sports, and many other things.

Writers, it seems, also do a lot of other crafty, artistic things, and a new sub-forum was born. Hands-on

Quilters, artists, photographers, knitters, woodworkers, you name it!

If you’re a crafter of any kind and like to write about it, share ideas, get ideas, or need to ask questions from people who know (whether it’s about refinishing furniture or the correct knitting technique), that’s your place.

I’m one of the moderators of the room, and thrilled to have it.  A place to chat with other crafty peeps is always good. It not only fuels my own experiments, but maybe I can help inspire others.

And if you want to turn your craft into writing (blog or non-fic) AW is a great place to blend both crafts.