How Does Your Garden Grow

It’s been a good break! Longer than I expected for the internet break part of it, (for example I never meant to abandon facebook), but the break has done me well. My apologies, to my online friends and family; I disappeared almost completely from Facebook and Twitter.

You know the saying… “if you don’t have anything nice to say…”? That.

But here’s the good:

  • I’ve left Ernest alone, and feel good about that. Though today I had the urge to send out another query. Then I quickly put the thought out of my head. Not yet.  I need a bit more time away from queries.
  • The weather has been awful so I haven’t done nearly as much fishing as I’d have liked, but on the couple of outings I had, I caught 5 fish. Hopefully, I’ll have time to do some fish journaling in the next few weeks if the weather finally cooperates. Nothing quite so relaxing as fishing. At least to me.
  • I took a much needed break from Yet It Will Come edits. It was absolutely the perspective I needed. I had to get a new view of it and I could only do that by stepping away. Edits are in full swing now and I have high hopes.
  • I went to Vegas with some of my friends! A lot to be said for breaking from routine.                                                       and my biggest accomplishment,
  • My garden is planted! It’s a thing of beauty with tomatoes, green beans, cucumbers, bell peppers, potatoes, canteloupe, vidalia onions, zucchini, and corn. I love my veggie garden so very much. It went in late this year because of the weather. It made me anxious and I worried if I didn’t get it in soon, I would be too late in the season for it. I was wrong about that. I think it went in at just the right time. The next day we got a rain and the plants should be rather happy with their plot of land.

I’m back now, though.  I feel creative. My insomniac-self is telling me I have lots to do and is pushing me to do it. All’s well.

Sorry for the long blog break. That saying above about not having anything nice to say? It applies to this blog, too. 🙂

Now, about those edits. I’m once again convinced that Yet It Will Come is my best work yet.  I’m pretty darn sure of it, in fact. I think it scared me for a while because I wasn’t sure I could really do it justice.  So that perspective really helped.

Right now Yet It Will Come looks like my garden plot did on Saturday afternoon, when the ground was finally all tilled up and the plants and seeds all put in rows. It’s full of potential, but not ready to yield.   It just needs time, nurturing elements, hardwork and patience.  I can’t wait to sink my teeth into the results.


How have you all been?

Question for you with the garden/writing analogy in mind: How does your garden grow?

get in it and get dirty?

pull the weeds?

store the over-abundant yield for long winters?


4 responses to “How Does Your Garden Grow

  1. :snoopy: for Stewie coming back & for green beans!! We haven’t been able to plant yet. Maybe this weekend. w00t on the WIP, too! I haz faith! It’ll rock!

  2. Welcome back!! I’m so glad you were able to take a break and gain a fresh perspective on your writing, although I did wonder where the H you were!

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